The Heat Trust

The Heat Trust is a voluntary scheme which offers best-practice consumer protection for those on heat networks, which Kensa Utilities’ ground array network is classified as.

What is the Heat Trust?

The Heat Trust sets standards for its registered participants to abide by, and through auditing ensures that these high standards of customer service are being met. Additionally, the Heat Trust is able to provide an independent complaints process for customers through the Energy Ombudsman. 

Roughly 10% of heat networks across the UK are registered with the Heat Trust and it is viewed as the gold standard for heat network consumer protection. It is viewed by Ofgem as the basis for its regulation of the Heat Network sector. We are extremely proud to be the Heat Trust’s first registered ambient heat network, demonstrating our commitment to building this 21st century version of the gas network out in the proper way.

What does it mean for Kensa Utilities Customers?

It’s fantastic news for Kensa Utilities Customers! 

This means our customer services and standards are up to the high bar set by the Heat Trust, which we think is important for embedding trust in us.  

Aligned to the Heat Trust standards, we ensure that we:

  • Provide bills to customers in multiple formats depending on your needs
  • Give customers enough time to pay their issued bills
  • Guarantee customer heating service provision, with response to faults within 12 hours, ensuring issues are quickly fixed
  • Compensate customers when our service provision standards are not met
  • Keep a register of customers who are vulnerable and require a priority service
  • Provide a standardised complaints process and escalation procedures to the Energy Ombudsman, so customers always have an independent arbitrator to resolve any issues they may have

Customers can expect to receive a Kensa Heat Trust pack explaining what the Heat Trust means to them in more detail.

For many customers joining Kensa Utilities’ network, the ability to read more about the Heat Trust, its high standards and Ofgem’s support of the scheme embeds trust that Kensa Utilities will truly look after their needs.

What does it mean for developers?

Developers who choose to work with Kensa Utilities can rest assured that the utility they’re deploying on their site is going to look after their customers. 

This is important at the point of sale or tenancy of dwellings, as having the ‘Trust mark’ of the Heat Trust registration helps provide comfort for the incoming owner/tenant. This in our experience assists the sales process and makes the discussions in the sales & marketing suite easy!

Heat Trust customer packs

Information for existing customers covered by The Heat Trust


Vulnerable Customers Guide


Heat Trust Scheme Information Sheet