We enable the mass adoption of
networked heat pumps

We pay for, install and own the shared ground source heat pump network. Taking responsibility away from the developer and homeowners.

The developer/homeowner purchase the ground source heat pump and plug into the Ground Source Network paying a connection fee.

The developer saves on the installation and the homeowner receives greater efficiency and lower energy bills without maintenance worries.

We need to stop burning fossil fuels
to heat our homes

Heating our homes accounts for 20% of our emissions, more than that of cars

Heat pumps are the frontrunning green technology to heat our homes in the future

Ground source heat pumps are the
most efficient and cheapest to run


Using renewable energy from
the ground, GSHP are much
cheaper to run than air source heat pumps (generally over £250 per year)


Quieter than air source heat pumps with no fan outside your bedroom window to disturb you

Less Maintenance

GSHPs are not outside, exposed
to the elements

Longer Life

Typically needs little maintenance and less hassle to replace

They do however cost more initially, due to the extra infrastructure required to get that efficient heat source from the ground

But think back to the gas network today

You own just a white box (a boiler) in your house. You don’t own all of the gas pipes and infrastructure outside of your house. You pay a standing charge through your bill to access the gas utility.

We emulate this. Kensa Utilities will fund and own all the extra infrastructure outside your house

You just pay a small standing charge to access it.

This means you pay the same or less than an
air-source heat pump upfront

Whilst getting all of the efficiency and cost benefits of a ground-source heat pump! And you can join and connect whenever you’re ready

How it works

In the 60’s and 70’s we moved off towns gas onto natural gas, a cheaper, safer and better fuel, to heat our homes.

Now in the 2020’s, we’re doing the 21st century version of this transition, to a cheaper, safer, better and green fuel.

Mass adoption of networked heat pumps

We’re already doing this today in the newbuild, non-domestic and council/social housing spaces:

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Social Housing