How to get Future Homes Standard ready at the lowest cost

Ground source for the price of air source

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England & Wales – Thurs 1 June @ 11am.
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Are you ready to meet
Future Home Standards in 2025?

Hear from our infrastructure asset management experts, award-winning delivery partners, and housing associations, about how your new developments can meet the Future Homes Standard and increase their value and saleability with ground source heat pumps.

Discover the benefits of ground source heat pumps

Mythbusting that ground source is more expensive than air source.

Proving that to meet new building regulations ground source is the lowest cost to housebuilders and developers

The benefits to end customers with lower bills, lower hassle, lower carbon, cooling options and a utility service.

How the standing charge arrangements work in detail to benefit your customers.

Benefits of lower grid upgrade requirements.

Ground source for the price of air source

Kensa Utilities brings a new funding offer to the market that emulates the current gas grid, allowing you to reap the unique benefits of harnessing renewable underground heat.

Prepare for net-zero carbon

Anticipated by the Government to ‘become the primary heating technology for new homes,’ heat pumps help create modern and energy-efficient homes.

Kensa has worked with many housebuilders, housing associations, and non-domestic customers and is confident that this is the most effective, lowest-cost solution for compliance.

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Increase the value and saleability of your newbuild properties and unlock the cheapest route to carbon compliance with ground source heat pumps.

England & Wales – Thurs 1 June @ 11am.
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