Shared Ground Loop Arrays

Split ownership of Shared Ground Loop Arrays (SGLAs) unlocks funding mechanisms through Kensa Utilities to encourage the wide scale adoption of ground source heat pumps at zero-cost to the client.

Ambient Shared Ground Loop Arrays

Funded Installations

Kensa’s Shared Ground Loop Arrays (SGLAs) are an award-winning and pioneering approach to District and Communal Heating without the drawbacks of traditional Heat Network systems. The design allows property owners and developers of two or more dwellings to realise the full potential of ground source heat pumps and receive Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments for both new builds and existing housing stock, attracting external funding opportunities for fully funded ground arrays and ultra-low cost heat pumps.

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What are Shared Ground Loop Arrays?

Kensa’s Shared Ground Loop Arrays (SGLAs) are a form of ultra-low temperature Heat Network for use with Kensa Shoebox ground source heat pumps.

Mimicking a traditional gas framework, a series of ground arrays, typically boreholes, are linked together to form a shared ground loop array acting as a heat energy source to multiple properties.

The shared ground loop system transfers low grade heat energy from the ground to individual Shoebox ground source heat pumps located inside each individual dwelling.

Each Shoebox ground source heat pump then upgrades the ground’s heat energy to provide independently controllable heat and hot water to the property.

Kensa’s Utilities model sees the housing provider fund the heat pump, which is sold with the property and maintained by the purchaser, whilst the ground array is fully funded via the RHI income


A ground source heat pump delivers lower carbon emissions, which creates a clear opportunity to reduce other build costs whilst still satisfying building regulations; our analysis reveals significant savings are possible. Anecdotal evidence also suggests higher selling prices are possible for homes benefitting from a ground source heat pump. Best of all, the scale of the RHI payments means Kensa Utilities is able to subsidise the cost of the heat pump, which means the overall cost falls far below any rival heating system, including a gas combi boiler.

Simon Lomax, MD, The Kensa Group

Benefits: In Detail

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