Heat the Streets

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Kensa Utilities has been awarded a grant by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to part-fund Heat the Streets, an £8.7 million Cornish renewable heating project.

What is Heat the Streets?

Heat the Streets will involve the installation of ground source heating systems, connected to Shared Ground Loop Arrays, in 100’s of new and existing homes in Cornwall over the next two years. Demonstrating the feasibility of shared ground arrays as a viable alternative to gas mains, Heat the Streets will show how and why street-by-street installations are the most efficient and effective solution for the climate crisis.

Who is eligible for Heat the Streets?

Stithians, an off-gas village with an active Parish Council and Energy Group, has been chosen as the target area for the private retrofit heat network. Throughout summer 2021, we will be looking for private households, of any tenure, to benefit from a new central heating system with little or no upfront cost, connected to the ground array utility network.

If you live in Stithians or own a rental property there, your house could benefit from a renewable energy heating system complete with radiators, hot water cylinder and smart thermostat. This will:

  • reduce the carbon associated with heating your home by around 70%
  • deliver savings of around 40% compared to storage heaters
  • remove the need to order and store oil or LPG
  • improve the energy rating of your property
  • reduce your maintenance costs

Want to learn more about ground source heat pumps?

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